Saturday, 2 June 2012

Ziro today

hey guys,
        we reached Itanagar, arunachal pradesh two night ago...we reached late around 11pm after a tiring 9hour journey on road. Its so pretty here, the weather is so awesome and oh bini's house has the best view....its just up the top of the hill and you can see so many hills around you, all covered by the mist. Its such a breathtaking scene.
          Yesterday we went trekking around the Ganga lake...its so hugee ...we got soo tired! there wer so many huge mosquitoes....and for certain reasons which i dont kno happened to bite just me and dolly. Maybe even the moquitoes can smell the non-arunachali blood?? n oh saw a leech too!! n i aint joking but after it i was so pyschologically traumatized that i felt like something was wriggling inside me all day. Later taking shower after reachinh home was the biggest relief i ever felt! haha
    Today, in sometime, we are leaving for Ziro. Its some 4-5 hours journey on road. Looking forward to it!!
Have a blessed sunday and a blessed week ahead.
toli x x x

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