Monday, 1 December 2014


Merry December 1!
This year i have been so dormant on my blog and id like to apologise.
This is a very late update of an old project i worked on, but i guess it's never too late to get back on track again. 
Namaskara- was a collection i created giving a little Indian twist with a modern take. DIY crop tops and handwoven skirts. we had the photoshoot on a sunny spring day in this beautiful park in Milan.
Below are my favourite images from the shoot , i hope you like it too ^_^

A DIY embellished crop top

woven silk/polyester wrap around skirt with embellishment.

Much Love and thanks to Hazel for posing for the lenses <3 p="">
Stay peachy,
love Toli x x x

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Coming up!

Just finished on a fun head accessory project. Coming up soon ;) 
Stay updated,
Stay peachy
Love Toli xx x

Photography : Awono Ezung 

Monday, 4 August 2014

Dancing girls

Hey peaches
                  Here's some water color illustration that I've been playing around with the last one week. Hope you like it :D
                   Get inspired, stay Peachy
                      Love Toli x x x
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D&G s/s 14

Melon head

Dancing girl

Friday, 4 July 2014

~ Dream a little dream ~

HAPPY FRIDAY! hope your week has been going good. its the weekend again...two weeks and ill be packing my bags to be home ^_^. i cannot wait!!!
My exams are still on , can't wait for freedom days! 
Anyways Here's a post to some DIY accessories that i made. 
Taking my inspiration from dreamcatcher i came up with two accessories- a head gear and a necklace. 

a simple hair clip was used to create the base after which i used thin brass wire (0.80mm- 5m) which i coiled two together n created the shape i wanted. and then on top of which i used a much thinner wire (0.30mm) to give the finishing over it.

the wire beads i got it from a local craft store called 'fantasy craft'. That store makes me go mad because i always want to buy just everything there. 

for the necklace i used readymade coiled threads and triple layered them as i wanted and then stitched the beads on em.

DIY head piece
DIY necklace
feather top by self. ( shall update soon the outfit collection ;) ! )

Stay peachy,
Toli x x x


Saturday, 7 June 2014

Figure Skating

Love figure skating?? 
here's a school project i worked on for Chanel. 
Chanel hasn't created yet outfits for figure Skating sport and when i got figure skating as the sport to design for, it was a very challenging and yet very interesting project to start.
Chanel known for its tweed and the classic black-n-white look, i tried to maintain the same stream by not going OTT.

Figure skating dresses can be too wild and horrendous sometimes, so bright too much glittery. some are too cute, too pretty! Some of them we want to wear it as an everyday wear because they're too beautiful. 

Its amazing how the figure skating fashion change over the ages, its so inspiring! i took my inspiration from the Vintage skater outfits.

Material is an important thing to keep in mind because of the routine the skaters follow it needs to be comfortable as well as compatiable to their dance routines.
 Camellia's the flower of Chanel, i could't miss that , could i?? ;)

My skater shoe design. use of leather and Jacquard lace.

I was asked to design a window display as well and this is what i came up with. I used the Chanel symbol for hanging down my figure skating mannequin in a dance routine position.

i used the normal spotlights to create the stage light effect. Using different skating position images on the spotlight, i used the light to create a shadowy figure skating dance routine on the background.

You can check out the short video of the window display HERE

Stay Peachy!
Love Toli x x x