Thursday, 5 July 2012


Hey everyone,
          Hope your having a good start to a new month? I haven't been up to much still working on my project. Well as i was doing a research for it i came upon this street style of Japan which i couldnt resist myself from blogging it. I love Colors, anything that talk about colors! And this one is all about Pastels when you talk about FAIRY KEI’ (kei means Style). This is one of my favorite Japanese street fashion, more subtle, colorful, cute and makes me very happy!!! :D

There are lots of combinations of the pastel colors, pink and red, pink and white and pink and black, with pink being the most abundant. It's so bright and loud and makes you stand out! From the color of the clothes to the accessories, it makes you feel so right and out of a "happily-ever-after" fairytale. There's a lot use of pretty ribbons : big and small, lots of dolly hair clips, rubber bands , cute pins, cartoon inspired hand bags etc. They're all layered together and its just comes out so distinct and unique.
        The pioneer of fairy style is fashion producer Sebastian Masudea who opened the fairy cloth shop “6% DOKI DOKI” in 1996. He is coordinating everything by himself from the make up of shop clerks to exterior and interior according to his themes, which are “sensational and lovely”, “not only cute but also happy” and “feeling of unreality”.

 a fairy kei vogue shoot , korea ,May 2010 

Honestly, i don't think i could carry the same like they do. So i tried my own little way in which i know i can walk out into the road with. I've used a brown bow so i could sober down the colors because i know it will be too much for me to go out with a Huge extra colorful Bow, really! And So here's my fairy Kei , hope you get inspired and try it out too, its Fun!! :D
toli x x x

cropped sequin jacket - self made
silk skirt - n/a
Mint vest - topman
beaded necklace - Janpath street
Earrings  - bought it during a summer expo sale !
Bow - gift from a friend
Socks - school socks ;)
Shoe - carlton
badges - from a kid's store.


  1. love it ..its full of life :)

  2. hey....i love your cropped jacket....and the whole blog is colourful and fun....