Saturday, 23 February 2013

Happy weekend

i am so tired had a very long just returned, i haven't changed yet and all i wanna do right now is crawl into my bed like this but no i can't coz i gotta wash up coz tomorrow is the missoni show and i gotta look Alive!! lol
So yes today we were at the Missoni house for the fittings..... but no we werent allowed to take pictures so :-( but yes tomorrow for sure i will have pictures for you all! we also went to an exhibition at 10 Corso Como and oh the loveliness of everything there but the price was as lovely as the products were too hehe.

sorry i only have the gate picture :p n the exciting part was our password to enter the studio.... was our school name :D

                 a very exciting exhibition place from clothes to books to accessories to painting to just everything...all the designers collection right here!    

 i was very happy to see this...i dont know why!!! :D

Anyways hope you guys are having a good weekend!!
Happy peachy Sunday ahead ^_^
Toli x x x

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