Sunday, 15 March 2015

Indie wedding : Boutonniere ideas

Got a friend's wedding coming up this summer and I've been looking for boutonniere ideas. Its gonna be an open field wedding so don't want anything too heavy or posh or too delicate. 
Im keen on using dried flowers, fruits, twigs and dried hay with jute thread and some vintage lace. It won't be too over the top yet it'll have its own class maintained- a rustic indie style. i don't wanna use anything fresh cos its a summer open field wedding and the fresh flowers and leaves may wither by the end of the day and nobody wants to have a dead plant hanging on you.

Found some very interesting ones on Pinterest (BELOW)....many very easy to DIY-ed. 

i love these but I'm afraid the flowers won't last all day

I love this, how quirky it is to use a shotgun shell...simple and perfect.

do you have any ideas?
I will update when i start to create my own DIY boutonniere. Stay updated.
Stay Peachy 
Love toli x x x

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