Friday, 24 August 2012

DIY : Pump up ure shorts

hello my lovely ones,
                So today im starting my short project. This is just the start and i got a lot more coming up, from acid dyeing to tye so excited to share with all of you.

     Anyways today i just wanna show you guys something i made at home- easy and chic.
All you need is get a High waisted short( no textures please) , an iron, metal studs and military buttons, needle and thread and scissor and voila, you'll have the magic work in your hands.

I hope you love this work as much as i do and its for "SELL" so if anyone's interested let me know by emailing me at : or you can check out my page on facebook "life is peachy"

Loads of Love,
toli x x x

High waisted shorts ( Navy blue)
Price - 800 (Indian rupees + courier tax)

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