Sunday, 13 January 2013

Trailing Tall tail

Ciao a tutti Peaches!!! ^_^
                    Some Love asymmetrical's some don't...and i'm not a very big fan as such... and this my one first asymmetrical buys. Well not really 'my buy' but my mom's...she thought i'd look good in it haha. 
                      Anyways here i got this look set.... Asymmetrical Skirts!!! You can be just a bit sexy without revealing too much. It can really emphasize or create a waist. Flowy, elegant and dramatic i'd say... these skirts are just the right thing for any occasions , pair it with a tucked tops and you can even belt the waist and even pair with wedges or platform heels or Keds or sandals. You Know you are ready for Spring!!

Get Inspired,
Stay Peachy,
toli x x x

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