Saturday, 16 March 2013

When on the Street

Hey peaches!
          Im trying to blog as much as i can. i wish i could update with a look-of-the-day for everyday but im still unable to do so because of the lack of a photographer n my tripod + i lost my camera memory card IN MY ROOM!!! [ and i still cannot find it! It just disappeared as soon i took it out of d camera.... it must be hiding somewhere and smirking at me or it must trying to call my name out loud saying "save me i'm here Toli!!" but i can't hear her :( ] 
Anyways today was a real fine sunny day and i'd say less windy, just the perfect day to be out walking in the sun ^_^.  Well i wasn't really just walking joblessly :p I went to meet a friend over a cup of coffee and had almost an endless conversation and i knew i found a friend :)
And okay! im not a big fan of black but everywhere around here you'd see people dressed in less color and more blacks and dark toned shades of greys and blacks. So today i tried to be like them unlike my usual colourful setting but yet tried to maintain a lil color in me :p

I didn't need a SOCKS!!! ^_^

You can DIY the collars like i have done brings a little life to your shirt ^_^

Happy Sunday,
Stay Peachy,
Love and Blessings,
Toli x x x

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