Monday, 10 December 2012

travelling diary

Banglore to Mumbai was quite a trip, from graduation to tearful farewell to my friends to the endless running around in Mumbai to attending the ITME.... i ran out of toli energy! :p

                                   This aint no shrine this my dearest friend's shower :D

        Found this in the beach and My friend said i must not touch this because it is bewitched!! :O  

                                   Annoyingly cute-Ugly little angry bird cupcakes

                                                     d tastiest masala Chai!

i was so lucky i could attend the International Textile Machinery convention and Exhibition held at Mumbai, this is held every after 3 years and it is known as the OLYMICS of textiles!! :D

oh yes they made my name as Tohika but they later thankfully they corrected it!! :s

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