Friday, 28 December 2012

Calvary chic

Hello Peaches :)
                Hoping you guys all had a blessed Christmas and a lovely Boxing day. I was a lil busy the past days to get a post here... and i think for a while i'm gonna keep continuing with the same hide n seek game here until im all settled in my new country ( PS: im so excited!!) 
Anyways i got you guys a look to get inspired the Military style.
A simple and comfy military inspired look that adapts so well with your body shape?
The must have trend for this season, you dont wanna miss it. Every designer on every runway from Victoria Beckham to Salvatore Ferragamo, they got it walking the hot trend. You don't need to own em labels to be the trend setter , you can always make it yourself or go there's always a store with your budget waiting for you ;)
Prep it up with some accessories and you'd be looking all set to lead your army.

Get inspired,
Get Peachy ^_^
Love ,
Toli x x x

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1 comment:

  1. Love the khaki n turquoise combination, only if your hair was tied in a bun or a sleek high ponytail.