Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Day six : 30 interesting things about myself

Whoo! this is tough haha

1) I like having bananas dipped in milk,
2) i sing myself to sleep when im not sleepy,
3) Colors attract me,
4) i blog when im sad,
5) i laugh when im tensed and sad and i don't know what to do,
6) i dream and dream of planning weddings for others but it freaks me out to think of my own wedding,
7) i prefer flat shoes more than heels shoes.....i own just two heels till now,
8) i can sit alone for hours, dream and create my own fanatasical story,
9) When things are down i tell myself , " Toli you are not alone, everything will be alright"
10) sometimes(many-a-times) i dream of people or events that is going to happen,
11) i don't like writing interesting things about myself,
12) i feel a lot sad days before i leave home so that i don't feel much sad when i really have to leave.
13) i cry in the bathroom with the water tap on ( i waste water),
14) I like to make up my mind instantly,
15) i smile at those who have pissed me off,
16) sometimes i look and stare at people and wonder what if i were in their shoes,
17) i doodle when im travelling alone,
18) i write songs and just let them stay in my notebook,
19) i love blue eyes...my daryl has :p
20) when someone gifts me something im bad at showing how happy and excited i am, so they think i really don't like it.
21) i forget things so soon...sometimes i feel i suffer from amnesia,
22) Guys who are God fearing .......they really attract me haha,
23) I like when someone keeps talking and i go to sleep,
24) i like collecting pencils'
25) and collecting postcards,
26) to most i belong to a different culture than your's lol
27) Im an oriental looking Indian.....Super interesting fact! ha-ha
28) i used to write fan letters to Britney spears and Westlife,
29) Gawd this is it....im not interesting!!!
30) You still don't know me yet.

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