Friday, 9 September 2011


Ola people!
Happy Friday. For some reasons Friday-s always sets my mood right, don't it do that to you?? :D
My week was good, school was good, my friends were good :p , my family is good, my health is good and God was good once again to me by carrying me all through these days of the week. Amen! ^_^
Okay! i have this secret calling for weddings! i L-O-V-E weddings. Just everything about planning the wedding makes me uber excited!! From the dress, to the flowers, to the cakes and food, to the invitations, location, decor ...just everything that shouts "Wedding"! I wanna be a wedding planner someday. That will be my second job after being a fashion designer. i've also started planning my wedding (haha jokes). i just started collecting pictures for inspiration, no harm in doing that eh? ^_^.
Oh well for today i wanted to have some pictures here and show you some of my family and friend's wedding but since i aint at home, i couldn't get a lot...just a few that i got on facebook. The photos are not taken by me...i jus did a little editing.

           Here's my beautiful friend Tiffany on her blessed day!

      i Love her gown! more than sheaths and mermaid silhouette dresses id like A- line's or ball gown silhouettes. and this one is perfect! It makes Tiff look like a princess ^_^
 Her little flower girls dresses were simple tulle ankle length dresses, make them look like little angels with the floral head bands!
                                                 Tiff striking a pose with her bridesmaids.

 And this one's on my cousins wedding which was held at the lawn of her home.

i loved this fruit Tower, fruits of all was amazing!!! This was laid at the centre of the desert table.
     the wedding cake...i loved the floral design done on it. The cake was made by my mom's bestfriend.
                                           the handmade wedding banner on a silk fabric.
  And last but not the least.....a thing you might be knowing about it or you might just not know about it. Traditionally Indians like many others eat with their hands ( don't go ewww! lol), we dot eat with spoons and forks but yes! we eat with hands sometimes too. And for the guests at the wedding for those who wanted to eat with their hands we built this traditional wash-hand basin made out of bamboos! i really liked it and im thinking of something like this for my wedding too haha.

            Well thats all i could pick up for today. Ill get back next with something more to talk about. im hungry now, gonna have my dinner!!!
have a goody-goody weekend all. Stay good. Jesus loves
Toli <3

(ps: Tomorrow  i got a vintage photo-shoot to do for some group of friends...will update soon about it ^_^)

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