Saturday, 17 September 2011

Day three: Your view on Drugs and alcohol

Sorry guys i couldn't post yesterday i got busy.

My view..... hmm , i say No and i will always say No to it. Life is short why do we want to waste our life by letting this man-made-life-shortening- substances to come our way. People take drugs and alcohol because they think they are alone, because they think they are depressed and frustrated, because they had a broken family background, because they want to be a part of the coolest and IT group and how many more excuses people have to take these ill-ing stuffs. But id say Once you have Jesus in you life you wouldn't even try to look at it from the corner of your eyes or you wouldn't even want to be close to it but instead pity and pray for those who do.
You are not alone...Jesus is always there with you, if you already have him in your life then pray and fellowship with Him, and if you still don't have him then call for him . Jesus is waiting for you, and he will be your greatest friend no man can ever be. Loving Jesus is super cool, Never Ever Be Ashamed.
You can live your life clean if you want to. Be happy even in the saddest days, keep your calm and keep the Faith and keep hoping...God is always there for you and he's always close to you.
Jesus loves you and Jesus Saves <3


  1. Toli...This is really inspiring..A rare admittance from people you see around these you nicely put it.. wanting to be the 'IT' crowd and giving in to peer pressure.. It kind of gives you a feeling of not being alone....
    Stay Blessed
    Grace (Dolly's fren)

    1. Thank you Grace, God bless you too,
      love toli :)