Thursday, 29 September 2011

Its all about Textile-ness!

"As a textile student-turning-designer" I made a few necklaces using textile materials more than using the usual chains and metal stuff  for necklaces. I used some pearls,  beads, and shimmery sequins to give an essence to it.
And i know they aint "OMG" but oh well! this is what i could make ^_^

 this first two are a choker...or u can even use it as a headband...i used styling tape and ribbons and small pearl beads.

 In this i used styling tape,macrame threads, pearls and silk threads for the tassles

Here ive used just the styling tape and the black pearls.

Use of black styling tape,gold ribbons, golden beads and a shimmery fusing tape for the flower.

all of them have been made using simple knotting and braiding techniques with tassels. All i wanted to do was to use the cheapest materials as much as possible and make them look pretty and exciting as that of those made out of the expensive materials. So yeah! that's all i made...i have to leave now. I got a project submission to be done in school and for the record i finished before time ha-ha.
Anyways have a lovely evening and keep updating and i will make you smile with my nonsense blabbers again.
Love and be Blessed!!!
toli x x x

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  1. heyy.. you have interesting pretty stuff out here.. keep updating them.. :)