Friday, 3 May 2013

Illustration Fun

Okay before you see the pictures below i just wanna warn you that donot expect anything great because i am no pro in this illustration field and i just learnt it like a week or so ago about How-To-Use-Illustrator! 
these are some of the works ive been doing rubbishly for school work..... 

        These two pictures says cosmo in it because we got this deal with the Italia, cosmopolitan magazine. And these the two work we had been working till date according to a topic given to each. And in each project 5 people are selected and they will be up on the website. And i am never gonna be on that 5 because i tell classmates they have better illustrator eye then me .....(SAD) haha

Anyways the first was an underwater theme and the second a cosmo cover and mine was Leighton Meester of course! her eyes looks so dreary..... I tried my best.

If any of you good illustrators are seeing this...i think its already started to make you cry to think how poor i am...but forgive me....can't help if im worse then you.
But im still happy enough with what i did :D
What do you think???

Love Toli x x x


  1. Ti,so good for a first timer:).
    Love the underwater theme ones...Good luck:)

    1. hehe thank you wonde your always so kind <3 x x