Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Tassles and Denims

summer is here and everybody's fleeing for the summer shorts. If you got some old cranky looking denims or ure mothers denims you can always 'chop' it off and bring it to life your way. This short of mine was my mothers denims i found in a trunk up in the attic. i cut it off, acid wash it to give the level of color change. One thing keep in mind...mine was a light blue denim so it was easy to get the white color easily. but sometimes on a dark color jeans when u acid wash it , it usually turns brown that looks kinda ugly so u gotta keep dyeing it until u reach the white wash look and sometimes that might make the fabric fragile....easy to tear.
Anyways after i finished with my dyeing experiment i shredded the ends...and voila here's my ready-to-wear shorts ^_^

                           My favorite embellished tasselled jacket (my mother calls it the noodles jacket)

Get peachy,
Stay blessed,
Love Toli x x x

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