Saturday, 25 May 2013

Je Ne Veux Pas Travailler

Its the weekend again time for me to get lazy haha.
 i have work to do but it doesn't get me down because its the weekend, i don't have to wake up at 8am!!

My friend gifted me this coat, fits me perfectly, a pop of colour on dull cold rainy days that we've been having lately. Team it up with a dark plain coloured dress, you don't want yourself looking to busy but all eyes will be on the coat.  Add a lil beanie and your all set for the European summer rainy days!!

And this the 'Great Wall of Toli'. 
those fake flowers i bought em to make headbands but then i decided they look better on my wall then on my head so there they are, behind my lamp. i hardly use it unless im sleeping alone which happened only once. the lil dried flower my classmate boys gave it to us all on women's day, post card from INDIA :D, chinese placemat on top of the lamp from my Chinese roommate as well as that lil note card. And on the top its a textile thing i made on 'a place i dream of' and that's Paris. and yes the tag to remind me everyday my one saviour and hero, my JESUS <3 nbsp="" p="">

If you're wondering what my post title is in French that says "i donot want to work" 
This a song by this band called pink martini from USA. I heard this song over and over in a ' face cream advertisement' when in India and i always would stop myself to listen to the song. I came upon it again here and now i want you to listen too might have already but just listen to it again :D
i love the song, its preppy and makes me happy even though i really don't understand a bit of it, but i like to mimick the way it sounds and sing it my way haha

Happy weekend,
Stay safe and stay Blessed,
Love Toli x x x

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