Saturday, 26 November 2011

A Saturday on Novemeber

Ola ^_^
hope all's weekend going goood!!! mine was okay here. It rained today but ah well it was just a really pleasant day. Since im going home soon and winter time screams = Wedding time....i needed some clothes!!!! So i decided to go shopping. So me and two of my mates went along. I wanted to dress up and go for some reasons i don't know why haha but as it started raining i got bored and i just got myself into this old torn out jean shorts, my floral net tops, silver laced blazer, black stockings and my pink floral sneakers!
We went into Zara... I really liked a dress, it was emerald green, knee length, cuts around the was really pretty!! but sadly they did not have a small size and so yea i ended buying just a pretty fuchsia pink stole for my mommy and i came home disappointingly :( haha. We're going tomorrow to another mall to try our luck again so hopefully. Ill let you know how it all goes.
Anyways i gotta go bed now. its past 1 am and everyone's asleep except me still wide awake as an owl.
Goodnight and sweet dreams and good day!
Jesus loves...never forget!!! ^_^

 say hello to my pretty ones ^_^

 if moustaches occurred for women!!!

 why should kids have all the fun alone!!!

Toli x x x


Thursday, 24 November 2011

Place Two : Paris

TEll me, Tell me, tell me you hate Paris???  nawwwww :p
The motherland of  Fashion, the daughter of  art, sister of vintage and brother of beauty.............this is one place i need to visit before i die!!!!  From the language to the food to the place to the would be such a terrible sadness and utter loss to die not seeing this place once in a lifetime. And don't forget all those God's own made--->  French Guys = sizzle!!!! hahah
Im going....Im going!!!!
Toli x x x

Monday, 21 November 2011

Spirited Away

Hey guys, how was your Monday?? mine was real boring, no school, no work... i just lazed at home watching movie after movie....i was half asleep and watching 'insidious' again...i don't find it scary at all!!!
Oh well for today, i have some prints which i created a day or two ago. I made them on CorelDraw and Adobe photoshope using the swallow bird as the main eye catch of the print. I love the swallow bird. if we were to have our soul bird like how we have 'national bird' id say mines a swallow :p.
Anyways hope you guys like it ^_^

Jesus Loves you everyday!!!
Love Toli x x x

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Place One : LONDON


Iv been on a very lazy long sleep away from my blog. And as i woke up it hit my head that I should blog about all the places i want to visit......soooon! So yeah! Iv doodled my favorite places and ill be updating them day by day. N the first one among the many places id love to visit is........ --->>> LONDON = UK . this place OBVIOUSLY tops my list!!!! ^_^ 
Love toli x x x