Sunday, 15 March 2015

Indie wedding : Boutonniere ideas

Got a friend's wedding coming up this summer and I've been looking for boutonniere ideas. Its gonna be an open field wedding so don't want anything too heavy or posh or too delicate. 
Im keen on using dried flowers, fruits, twigs and dried hay with jute thread and some vintage lace. It won't be too over the top yet it'll have its own class maintained- a rustic indie style. i don't wanna use anything fresh cos its a summer open field wedding and the fresh flowers and leaves may wither by the end of the day and nobody wants to have a dead plant hanging on you.

Found some very interesting ones on Pinterest (BELOW)....many very easy to DIY-ed. 

i love these but I'm afraid the flowers won't last all day

I love this, how quirky it is to use a shotgun shell...simple and perfect.

do you have any ideas?
I will update when i start to create my own DIY boutonniere. Stay updated.
Stay Peachy 
Love toli x x x

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Behind the Scenes - Harry potter studio!

                            Being a fan of Harry Potter, i finally got to visit the harry potter studio. it was like a dream come true walking through every room, seeing all the little details and every bit that i had seen on the TV but now it was right before my eyes and i could touch them!!! I missed my high school best friends, we were such crazy people staying up all night just to finish reading the book, going first day first show to the cinema for the movie release, going ecstatic about the next book release.
                      It was one of the most amazing thing i have ever done till today! Its absolutely brilliant and every Harry potter fan should definitely visit. It was one of my happiest moment ever made me wanna visit the toilet so many times because of excitement and my hunger went away to because i was too engrossed with everything around me haha.
Oh what Hogwart school could do to you. i Have some pictures below, from the great hall to every little place ;) hope you guys have fun going through.

at the entrance we got this passport book handed to us on which there were stamps we could get i every room we went through. Im gonna frame my passport book!!


remember this scene?? ;)

 i just wanted a selfie with sleeping Hermione ;)

Just getting some flying lessons before admissions to the school ;)

gryffindors common room

the knitting stick kept knitting on magically at the weasleys ^_^

ministry of magic

another selfie with sleeping dobby....everyone was asleep ;)

this is how happy you get when you reach the diagon alley :D

Weasleys Candy store

Hello and welcome to my little house ^_^

My ride

Amazing model of the whole hogwart school

And of course in the end i did get accepted to the Hogwart school, My first day at school just zooming around maybe ill play a game of Quidditch soon ;)

Take care ,
Toli x x x