Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Wrap and Wrap

When the air is crisp and the wind bring chills down your bones....and you still wanna look pretty and cute on cold January days...all you need is some warm cozy scarfs! The perfect and the most important winter accessory. Wrap it, tie it or drape it...anyway you'd want it to be and Voila!youll look oh so chic and cozy!!
so What are you waiting for?? :D

Stay Peachy,
Toli x x x

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Trailing Tall tail

Ciao a tutti Peaches!!! ^_^
                    Some Love asymmetrical's some don't...and i'm not a very big fan as such... and this my one first asymmetrical buys. Well not really 'my buy' but my mom's...she thought i'd look good in it haha. 
                      Anyways here i got this look set.... Asymmetrical Skirts!!! You can be just a bit sexy without revealing too much. It can really emphasize or create a waist. Flowy, elegant and dramatic i'd say... these skirts are just the right thing for any occasions , pair it with a tucked tops and you can even belt the waist and even pair with wedges or platform heels or Keds or sandals. You Know you are ready for Spring!!

Get Inspired,
Stay Peachy,
toli x x x

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Marry me in red and white!

Please don't get tired to see me in this blazer :p
I love this blazer of mine, i can never get enough of it. And the best part bout it is that it just goes with almost every outfit of mine ^_^. This my new vintage pleated collar dress. I bought this because i fell in love with the horse carriage print that's there both on the front and the back on the lower part of the dress. The dress was bit too long so i got it chopped and sewed to my likes.
i call this set a red riding hood-snow white- cinderella theme haha.

Loads of Love,
Stay Peachy,
toli x x x

Monday, 7 January 2013

Illi Pamunkey : Tribal exposed

Hello Peaches!!
 Remember my last post --> sneek-peek-to-illi-pocahontas
here is it finally!! As much as i enjoyed creating this i hope you love it too and get inspired ^_^

"Illi" means a young girl in sumi tribe of Nagaland and Pamukey was the original name of Pocahontas. Inspired by the Naga and the native Virginia Indian tribe the overall collection has been created to promote tribal wear. And since Naga women don't have our traditional Jackets or coats as such as the men does, here i've helped to bring a traditional yet contemporized traditional wear.
Every ensemble has been woven on a traditional loin loom to promote the traditional weaving and every motif made does not copy any existing motifs. Surface embellishment and embroidery all hand embroidered.

Every garment expresses strong emotions with sophisticated totem touches like the feathers and the fringes that quiver in the breeze. This Ready-to-wear collection tells the story of a new luxury warrior character.

Thank you :
Anagha : for being so kind and being patient throughout the shoot!! You were so perfect..i couldn't have had a better model then you ^_^.
Shuu  : my photographer.... i love you for these lovely shots! <3 p="p">
NHHDC : for giving me the opportunity to learn my culture, for providing me the accessories and to be able to create this collection.

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