Saturday, 27 October 2012

Autumn Tea party

Yesterday was my high school best friend's birthday. We had a lil girly tea party. Just a few of us but it seemed like a crowd of us :D The setting was so vintage and right behind us were two fish ponds :D Cupcakes and sausages and vintage tea sets and cookies and homemade brownies, tea and ice tea and coffee and never ending!!! You guys would have loved being there too ;)

                                   i wanted to steal this bike away in my car but i couldn't :( :p

Happy birthday again Wonde, God bless you much!!!

Yellow you

Hey peaches,
                   Sorry i haven't been regular here. But i got something to tell you :p
 God has been so good to me and he answered my prayers.... i have been accepted to NABA, in Milan for my masters. So peachy is going ITALIA!!!! :D Im so excited :D
Ive got so many things to show you...ill update soon stay updated with me and Have yourself the best october weekend :D

Loads of love ,

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

All things Neon and Beautiful

Hello peaches,
                   Thought of NEON?? Winter days are coming and the closer it gets many of us forget the beauty of colors and they begin to forget that "colors" exists! Blacks and browns and beige's become their best friend. 
                 So today i want to dare you to neon you winter closet!

 If the thought of "NEON" is a little scary word and your too shy to try neon clothes, then start off by small neon's into your accessories.

But try not to OTT your accessories, one neon color in your outfit is enough to create that perfect look. 

When you have neon as your outfit, chances are things might get risky so you gotta ameliorate the outfit with neutral and simple colors.

So what are you waiting for now?? Go embrace color and make all eyes turned on you this winter!!
Get inspired and Stay beautiful,
God bless you,
Toli x x x

(PS: the first two pictures don't belong to me)

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Love what you do!

"Fashion is not something that exists in the dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street. Fashion has to do with the ideas, the way we live in and what is happening. " COCO CHANEL

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

DIY : Beaded Elphie!!!

Hullo peaches,
                    Wanna bring life to your plain cardigan?? Simple work...embellish it!


                                   Meet Elphie (elphi) my lil Big be-jewelled elephant ^_^

I made elephant shape cutouts from the leftover cutouts of my denims that i had used for making shorts. after cutting out the shape i needed, i bleached it to give a faded look after which i stitched it on the cardigan and then beaded it up.

I took the inspiration from the decorated Indian elephants. They're always so prettily decorated, so bright, vibrant , playful and makes you so happy just by looking at it itself.

                Fluorescent and gold beads gets a bold stand on a grey background for a stunning shoulder.

Hope you all love it and you could try making like this one, all you need is just a little patience and love to work.
Get inspired and stay Blessed.
Toli x x x

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Sing Balloon with polkas

Hey Peaches,

                   Have you been up to much lately?? Well i have been so caught up with work outside my blog world. As a consultant designer for Nagaland Handloom and Handicraft Corporation, i'm presently working on a home furnishing collection which is a totally new endeavor for the company and they are having high expectations on me so i gotta really work my head off and that's whats been keeping me so busy.
               Im working the collection under three themes - florals, geometric and stripes. Its gonna be preppy, play of colors yet minimal and modern.Its all gonna be woven which would later go for digital printing and embroidery. I'm planning for the samples to be completed by the end of November so if any of you come for the Hornbill festival on the first week of December, you'll get to have a first peek to the collection :D Anyways ill keep you updated about it ;)

                 Tomorrow ill show you my new DIY surface embellished cardigans that i've made through these busy days...i'm hoping you'd like it. So keep updated and lookout for my next post.
 All my loving to you,
God bless you,
Toli x x x


Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Happy Autumn!!

Hey Peaches,
                   Happy Autumn to you all.
               Lately I've been pretty caught up with work, been travelling on official duties and i'm going off today as well for some few days. My shorts project is over and because of much of your love and encouragement i could complete it successfully and help me open up online stores at two online companies i.e,  and
            I'm coming up with a new project but since i've not been able to stay at home much, im unable to complete my work. But i will soon!!! So keep sending me in your Love and support me by sharing my page on  Facebook to your friends . That would mean so much to me!!! And yes id love to hear feed backs, so your welcome anytime ^_^
Stay peachy and Keep your Faith in God Always,
Love always,
Toli x x x