Saturday, 30 June 2012

Yohji Yamamoto: When He met Colors!

Hey ho!
     Hope your enjoying the summer as bright and beautiful as you are! Ive been following the Men's S/S13 fashion week at Paris. I couldn't throw my eyes off from any of the designs and the models too :p  When will my day come when i get to see the real show live, face to face, gawd, i would want to steal them!! haha
Here's Yohji Yamamoto's collection , he's one of my favorite Japanese man who is just so perfect, that when i see his collections i feel God's at work with him.         
Yohji Loves, Loves Black who has never been seen to not like any shade of Black and to define or even link the word 'Color' with his name, does so not seem to sound Yohji !! But This summer he has a surprise for you, the introduction of color splash like “Yummy Tangy” orange or "Bright sky" blue was a great revolution for his S/S13 men's collection at the Paris Fashion week.

  This collection has been inspired by the Japanese martial arts, his models looked all battered and bruised  looking so fine and keeping the drama intense in their smart clean silhouettes, sports lux looks – legwear had elasticated cuffs and hobo chic that encompassed of separates that were made up from patch work blazers, loose printed trousers that could be mistaken for skirts and knee length pin stripe shirts with off centre openings.

  As always he played with volumes with fluid harem pants and air filled slouchy jackets that looked as if it has been randomly wrapped up in strings or pants that were outfitted with drawstring hems or shot through with strips of elastic to pucker the fabric and hold it away from the body.

Yohji Yamamoto and his style continues to live ripping your heart every time you see his man walk down the ramp!! *sigh*

Love and Blessings.
Toli x x x

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Rosa Clara : The next Big bridal designer

                          Rosa Clara, is a bridal designer based in Barcelona, Spain. Her style is clean, elegant and classic. Her name may not be in the 'oh-so-popular' brand in the bridal fashion scene but her dresses are to die for just as the 'you-name-the-top-designer-brands'.
With time the bridal dress trends are changing too and lately the stark white, bead-less, and structure and fabric-focused gowns is definitely one trend you'd like to watch out for. 
                      If you or your friend or your sister or your cousin or whosoever the bride is, if she is a bride who loves the ultra-classic at the same time open to a more fashion-forward design, Rosa Clara has got the right dress for you to fall in love and oh not to mention your man will never take his sight away from you!! ;) 
Here's my favorite-s from her different collections.... check out for her 2012 'soft' collection. She's so in my list of my favorite Bridal designers!!! 
Don't you wish you could own one of these?? :D
Love and Blessings,
Toli x x x

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Ziro today

hey guys,
        we reached Itanagar, arunachal pradesh two night ago...we reached late around 11pm after a tiring 9hour journey on road. Its so pretty here, the weather is so awesome and oh bini's house has the best view....its just up the top of the hill and you can see so many hills around you, all covered by the mist. Its such a breathtaking scene.
          Yesterday we went trekking around the Ganga lake...its so hugee ...we got soo tired! there wer so many huge mosquitoes....and for certain reasons which i dont kno happened to bite just me and dolly. Maybe even the moquitoes can smell the non-arunachali blood?? n oh saw a leech too!! n i aint joking but after it i was so pyschologically traumatized that i felt like something was wriggling inside me all day. Later taking shower after reachinh home was the biggest relief i ever felt! haha
    Today, in sometime, we are leaving for Ziro. Its some 4-5 hours journey on road. Looking forward to it!!
Have a blessed sunday and a blessed week ahead.
toli x x x

Friday, 1 June 2012

Arunachal pradesh todaay!!

                 im off to Arunachal pradesh todayyyy!!! :D
toli x x x x