Monday, 7 January 2013

Illi Pamunkey : Tribal exposed

Hello Peaches!!
 Remember my last post --> sneek-peek-to-illi-pocahontas
here is it finally!! As much as i enjoyed creating this i hope you love it too and get inspired ^_^

"Illi" means a young girl in sumi tribe of Nagaland and Pamukey was the original name of Pocahontas. Inspired by the Naga and the native Virginia Indian tribe the overall collection has been created to promote tribal wear. And since Naga women don't have our traditional Jackets or coats as such as the men does, here i've helped to bring a traditional yet contemporized traditional wear.
Every ensemble has been woven on a traditional loin loom to promote the traditional weaving and every motif made does not copy any existing motifs. Surface embellishment and embroidery all hand embroidered.

Every garment expresses strong emotions with sophisticated totem touches like the feathers and the fringes that quiver in the breeze. This Ready-to-wear collection tells the story of a new luxury warrior character.

Thank you :
Anagha : for being so kind and being patient throughout the shoot!! You were so perfect..i couldn't have had a better model then you ^_^.
Shuu  : my photographer.... i love you for these lovely shots! <3 p="p">
NHHDC : for giving me the opportunity to learn my culture, for providing me the accessories and to be able to create this collection.

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  1. nice !!! so different! do check my blog here :)

  2. i am a fan already!! thanks for keeping the traditional designs wishes!


  3. SHUCHI >>
    good work assumi yes assumi :)
    for more pics... click :

  4. Cant believe i missed these!! they are so good Ti. GO tribal!!! :)