Monday, 17 February 2014

DIY : Doing the Romper way!

Its DIY time again. Im excited and looking forward to the Spring/Summer already through these cold rainy european weather. Rompers are one of the comfortable outfit you can dress it up or dress it down anytime-anywhere. Last spring it was all over and i wanted one, late but yeah, i decided why not make it for myself instead of spending much bucks at the store.
Lastnight i was making my peabrain analyse on how to come about one. Ive never made shorts before  so i was pretty nervous too. And most of all i don't even have a pattern for it! ( PS : i hate pattern making, my professor is always behind my ass to create one before i start any outfit. but no i've never listened till date.) 
But Voila! my pea brain worked an idea out and i realised my first time diy R-O-M-P-E-R!! ^_^

You need:
- 2 metres of light cotton/lace fabric
-  2 metres of lining ( i did not use lining in mine)
- pair of shorts as a template
- needle, thread, scissor, pins, measuring tape.

So I used the short to cut out the shape on the fabric. i left around 28-30 cm from the waist line of my shorts to my armpit. ( it depends on your size). My short is a high waisted short so the measurement can differ accordingly too.  
I hand stitched it since i don't own a machine and i love hand stitching anyways. first with a simple running stitch then double stitching over to refrain it from opening during wash or any accidental moments.
The tricky part is when it comes to stitching around the crotch area. i was so confused i sat there staring at my fabric for a good 10 minutes trying to figure it out and finally i got it through. be careful when your stitching the crotch area because you wanna align it.
Now choose the front side of the garment and you can have it anyway you like it- button up, zippered, hook or a simple knot. i used a hook for my. the larger panel hooked over the smaller panel.

 It's almost ready now you just gotta style it up with a lil belt around the waist to give more shape to your body.

 DIY denim-animal print romper, DIY crochet heart ring ( my roommate made that!!!!! ^_^)

 Get Inspired,
Stay peachy, God bless.
Love, Toli x x x

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

fashion illustration?

Love fashion illustrations??

Been Playing with water color trying to create some illustrations. Coming up soon ;)

Toli x x x