Sunday, 22 February 2015

DIY : Blink Eye Glitter Shoe

Hey peaches,
CINDERELLA is coming out soon in theatres!!! Im super excited! like thrilled overboard and to know that theres gonna bit of FROZEN before cinderella , I'm like HURRY UP 13Th MARCHH!! :D
Anyways Im gonna settle down, gotta low down my excitement. I Got a DIY here for you (cinderella inspired even though it ain't a glass slipper its all about GLITTERS!)

Okay so lately i've been obsessing over chiara ferragni shoes especially the quirky ones, like the blink eye glitter shoes? But the price has been not so affordable for me...So what i did is i made my own  easy DIY of the same look-a-like Ferragni shoes and that is way too affordable for me and for anyone. ^_^


All you'll need :
a) a ballerina flat pump shoe ( PS: textile flats better then patent flats)
b) glitter powder
c) glitter glue
d) acrylic decor paint 
e) felt , Paint brush, scissor, tape and fabric colour pen and fabric glue!

I got this really cheap shoe from 'OVS' it's an italian brand kinda like the 'Primark' of Italy. 7 euros for the shoe and 10 euros for the other materials so all together it cost me just 17 euros to create a whole new shoe ^_^

To begin you have to first tape the sole of the shoe because you don't want the glitters to get all messy around and it will save yourself from cleaning up after you finish.

I used acrylic decor to fully paint up my shoe before i put the glitters. Depending on the colour of glitter you wanna use for your shoe you can use that colour for the acrylic paint too.

After you finish painting , spray the glitters on the shoe the acrylic paint helps stick the glitter. And oh yes! you wanna use a paper or something below while you work because you don't want the glitters everywhere around your room. And you could also reuse the glitter thats fallen off the shoe to spray it again.

Do the same for the other pair of shoe too.

Leave it to dry overnight. in the morning shake the loose glitters off the shoe.

Next draw the eye and on the felt. you need to be really precise on this while you cut the eye out. this is the only difficult bit which aint that tough girls. A little pain for a glittery future ;)
After you've cut the required eye and the eyelash, use the fabric glue to help stick on the shoe. leave it for some hours. i left it overnight cos i made mine at midnight.
In the morning my shoe was all ready to be swayed around!!



So what do you think?? if you like it why don't you make one too :D and let me know how it goes.
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Stay peachy,
God bless,
Love Toli x x x