Friday, 4 July 2014

~ Dream a little dream ~

HAPPY FRIDAY! hope your week has been going good. its the weekend again...two weeks and ill be packing my bags to be home ^_^. i cannot wait!!!
My exams are still on , can't wait for freedom days! 
Anyways Here's a post to some DIY accessories that i made. 
Taking my inspiration from dreamcatcher i came up with two accessories- a head gear and a necklace. 

a simple hair clip was used to create the base after which i used thin brass wire (0.80mm- 5m) which i coiled two together n created the shape i wanted. and then on top of which i used a much thinner wire (0.30mm) to give the finishing over it.

the wire beads i got it from a local craft store called 'fantasy craft'. That store makes me go mad because i always want to buy just everything there. 

for the necklace i used readymade coiled threads and triple layered them as i wanted and then stitched the beads on em.

DIY head piece
DIY necklace
feather top by self. ( shall update soon the outfit collection ;) ! )

Stay peachy,
Toli x x x