Friday, 31 August 2012

Wedding Inspiration : Rosa Clara 2013

Hello You!!  :D
                  last time i have already blogged about the wonderful and oh the utterly beautiful creation of Rosa Clara and here i am again to show you her so-enchanting and oh-so-cute dresses that's going to kill your heart!!!!
                In her 2013 collection Rosa voices the "happily-ever-after" story-line with theatrical princess style silhouettes, bows, laces and tulle, diamante buttoned cropped jackets and sleek gauze and lace sleeves and over-sized block belts. All of these would make many of us to think when will our big day come?? :p

loads of love,
toli x x x

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

DIY : Tye dye love

Heyllow ^_^
         Continuing with my DIY shorts project, today i have another shorts made using tye dye :D
          Tye dye projects were never fun to me back in school. Maybe because my dear ex-teachers never understood my sense of designs and maybe because i was bored of explaining to them and getting criticized sad hahaha. But oh well! School's over and i can do whatever my heart wishes too :p
        Anyways here's my another work and i made it colorful since i love colors and also becuase summer's coming to an end soon and i want to remember summer with lots of beautiful colors that not only makes you feel chic to wear it but also make you happy and even make others happy when they see you wearing it :D.
 I hope you love it :)

you could color it however you like but you gotta be careful that the color doesn't bleed into one another,
 it would cause disaster.

This one's for sell too. Contact me if interested at my facebook page or my email id.
Loads of love , 
God bless,
Toli x x x

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Happy Monday!

Happy monday!!! :D
      I know monday's not so fun but oh well :p
This the last week of August and that means summers coming to an end soon too.
I'm looking forward to September, its not just because i'm a september baby but yes because it gets me a month closer to Christmas :D
 Anyways just wanted to say thank you for all your love and encouragement and helping me grow my blog. it means a lot!! I got many exciting posts coming up keep track with me :p
Loads of Love and much blessings,
Have a beautiful week.
Toli x x x

Friday, 24 August 2012

DIY : Pump up ure shorts

hello my lovely ones,
                So today im starting my short project. This is just the start and i got a lot more coming up, from acid dyeing to tye so excited to share with all of you.

     Anyways today i just wanna show you guys something i made at home- easy and chic.
All you need is get a High waisted short( no textures please) , an iron, metal studs and military buttons, needle and thread and scissor and voila, you'll have the magic work in your hands.

I hope you love this work as much as i do and its for "SELL" so if anyone's interested let me know by emailing me at : or you can check out my page on facebook "life is peachy"

Loads of Love,
toli x x x

High waisted shorts ( Navy blue)
Price - 800 (Indian rupees + courier tax)

Shorts Project!

Hello lovely ones,
     i hope this week is a blessing to you and to all the people around you. I have been having bumpy days, but im doing much better now though.
       Just want to let you guys know that from tomorrow im starting my DIY shorts project. Just to reform about and bring to life all those plain boring shorts and make them so chic and cool. im very excited to show you guys and im hoping you would love it as much as i do. And oh!! theyre going to go on "Sell" not "sale" :p but i promise you the prices are gonna be super awesome for your pocket :D
Looking forward,
Love and much blessings,
toli x x x

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Belated Independence day!

Good evening guys,
          happy belated Independence day to all my fellow Indians. i couldnt blog yesterday, internets been down on me so is my body being so unfair to me, ive been ill since yesterday :/. Still now not feeling too great but ah well just wanted to say "hellow" and hoping you guys are having a great week.

Toli x x x

Sunday, 12 August 2012


Hello everyone,
      Hope August is good to you? sorry i've been MIA, been doing a lot of things- being away from home- no internet- working on my project for my masters study- fabric and pretty craftsy stuffs- getting attacked by rashes and terrible summer cold and im stll down with that. but oh well! today i had a photoshoot for my collecton that ive created for my project.
      My best friend karina, was so kind to go through all the struggle of standing and giving me that perfect look for my outfit and i tell you we had a real good time.So here's a picture peek to one of my ensemble.

Guess my theme?? and look out for my post to the whole collection, coming up very soon, i promise!! ^_^
happy Blessed sunday,
Jesus Loves you everyday!
Toli x x x