Saturday, 7 June 2014

Figure Skating

Love figure skating?? 
here's a school project i worked on for Chanel. 
Chanel hasn't created yet outfits for figure Skating sport and when i got figure skating as the sport to design for, it was a very challenging and yet very interesting project to start.
Chanel known for its tweed and the classic black-n-white look, i tried to maintain the same stream by not going OTT.

Figure skating dresses can be too wild and horrendous sometimes, so bright too much glittery. some are too cute, too pretty! Some of them we want to wear it as an everyday wear because they're too beautiful. 

Its amazing how the figure skating fashion change over the ages, its so inspiring! i took my inspiration from the Vintage skater outfits.

Material is an important thing to keep in mind because of the routine the skaters follow it needs to be comfortable as well as compatiable to their dance routines.
 Camellia's the flower of Chanel, i could't miss that , could i?? ;)

My skater shoe design. use of leather and Jacquard lace.

I was asked to design a window display as well and this is what i came up with. I used the Chanel symbol for hanging down my figure skating mannequin in a dance routine position.

i used the normal spotlights to create the stage light effect. Using different skating position images on the spotlight, i used the light to create a shadowy figure skating dance routine on the background.

You can check out the short video of the window display HERE

Stay Peachy!
Love Toli x x x

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Coming up soon : Missoni Exhibition!

Peek-a-boo! behind the scenes of the photoshoot for the exhibition starting on 25th june 2014
will post soon our pictures on the billboards around Milano ;) *exciting times*

 If you're here or visiting Milano anytime from the 25th of June till september mid week...come visit Palazzo Morando, Milano. check out my work and my mates work, a project we're working with Missoni!

Stay peachy,
Love TOLI x x x

Monday, 2 June 2014

Unforgettable Moments : a project with Pandora!!

I'm still alive! i've been a long away from my blogging not been regular anymore, been caught up a lot with school work. I'm gonna graduate soon!! :D
Anyways my today's post is about a project that myself and some of my mates worked with Pandora the Danish jewellery company. We were given the pandora charms and jewel pieces to create any product that represents one unforgettable moment in our life. 
i decided to create a hanging decoration piece, that any girl could hang it up in her room. My theme was based on Childhood fantasies. you can watch the video HERE! to know about my idea ;) 
It was the first time i worked with wires and as usual my first design was not the last outcome. I always love playing during the process ;)

initial stages

Our project was displayed at the Triennale Design Museum, Milano from the 8th-28th May 2014.

Giving that serious face during the interview ;)

And here i am being totally gay at my "30-seconds-of-fame" moment!! XD

You can check out the Pandora website HERE for all of our backstage pictures and the other projects as well. 
Fingers crossed now, as we wait for the results! :D 
Thank you to all who voted for me "I HEART YOU!!"
 Anyways it was a well lovely experience and worth the while dosen't matter who wins :D

see you guys soon,
Stay peachy,
Stay Blessed 
Love Toli x xx

Fashion Illustration!

m not good with making faces, so i thought id leave it with a blop...just a red blop !! ;)

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