Tuesday, 16 October 2012

All things Neon and Beautiful

Hello peaches,
                   Thought of NEON?? Winter days are coming and the closer it gets many of us forget the beauty of colors and they begin to forget that "colors" exists! Blacks and browns and beige's become their best friend. 
                 So today i want to dare you to neon you winter closet!

 If the thought of "NEON" is a little scary word and your too shy to try neon clothes, then start off by small neon's into your accessories.

But try not to OTT your accessories, one neon color in your outfit is enough to create that perfect look. 

When you have neon as your outfit, chances are things might get risky so you gotta ameliorate the outfit with neutral and simple colors.

So what are you waiting for now?? Go embrace color and make all eyes turned on you this winter!!
Get inspired and Stay beautiful,
God bless you,
Toli x x x

(PS: the first two pictures don't belong to me)

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