Saturday, 10 November 2012

Birthday at the Zoological park.

Last Thursday, we had a baby's day out at the zoological park. It was my lil nephew's 2nd birthday. And well i was more excited because 'in my life i have never been to a Zoo!!!' So you can imagine me, i was just like one of em kids going "VAOW-Vaow" seeing the animals up close lol
 Although this wasn't much of a zoo like but more of jungle zoo but yet it was a zoo-zoo for me haha. We had a lovely time walking for miles through the jungle and coming across these animals and the food we had later, i was glad i got to walk it all out!! ;)


 Me n my lil brother was late and we had to run inorder to catch up with the other guys. Its not fun walkin in the jungle alone!

                                                                   My niece Livi

                                                           The great  HORNBILL...sorry aint got good lens yet.

                                                              here's the birthday boy...CHUchu.!!!

                                                                     My niece Elina                                                  
                                                          Up on daddy's Shoulder!!!

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