Monday, 8 April 2013

ZUCZUG: the Asian Marc Jacobs!

                             ZUCZUG??? What is ZUCZUG??? Haven't heard before?? 

well my Chinese roommate introduced me to this and i absolutely love it! A Chinese homegrown local luxury brand by Wang YiYang , and is hoping to be the next Marc Jacobs!!!!

The brand already has 73 stores across china and is hoping to extend its stores all over asia.
  if you have the dough to spend go try this one, you won't regret at all!
Inspired by traditional Chinese traditions and tech driven youth,  the line boasts with bright colours and bold designs.

here's one from their collection that has the mosaic print.

wanna check out for more here's their website

Have a beautiful week,
Stay peachy!!
Love toli x x x

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