Sunday, 15 April 2012

Back to challenge!!!

Alright i couldn't keep myself updated with the 30 days challenge but i'm starting over where i left and this time im gonna complete it! trust me!!
Q: My zodiac sign and if i ever think its fits my personality?

=> No doubt i'm proud to be a "Libr-ian" and ah well i don't know if i fit right into that libra person's personalities...but let me tell you some characters of mine.

a) i get annoyed when people fight or argue and i don't like to be a part of it or get myself into that kind of matter. If im angry or pissed or annoyed instead of screaming and yelling and making things more dramatic i make myself chill by being alone or writing about how im feeling.

b) i cant decide!!! no i can't!! don't ask me to take sides...i hate know you are asking me to commit suicide when you as me that.

c) I like to smile and be happy and make others feel the same too when days are not right.

d) Im lazy when i am lazy orelse im fine and normal :p

Oh well! it looks as if im m gonna stop here....if you know me then you can assume if im the right person of this sign or not and even if you don't know me, don't matter...this is just nothing really! ;D

Peace, Love and Blessings,
toli x x x

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