Saturday, 14 April 2012

Turban it Up!

BIGGER THE BETTER! yes m talking about a turban! tried on a turban?? or is it too bold and daring to you, but take my words  it will certainly turn heads the moment you step out of your four walls.

Historically the 'turban' was traditionally worn in the Middle East, Africa, and parts of Asia, and they were introduced to English fashion in the 1700s.

Lately its the trend setting hair piece favored by celebrities such as Beyonce, Rachel Zoe and Salma Hayek. They took the plunge and they look and feel wonderful. Designer turbans are everywhere on the ramp on every fashion week from neon pieces with chic and romantic evening gowns and dresses or high-waist pants teamed with cropped tops which leave the midriff bare to simple toned but are so versatile that goes on with any outfit.

I made myself a pretty turban with leftover yarns from the textile lab :p, bird feathers that were left extra from my garment collection that i'm making at the moment and an antique brooch...tell me if you like it??? 

You can go on spending the green on buying some of your favorite designer's bands or else if your tight on your pocket then don't fret...just look around your closet or in your mom's closet, pick out any scarf or any waste fabric and do the magic to your hair and you'll see how easy and super fabulous you look !!!
Stay trendy and stay Blessed,
Jesus Loves you <3
Love toli x x x