Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Curve is Hot and Beautiful!!!

Do you have a second thought before buying that sexy figure hugging dress? analyzing yourself how "Unfit" you would look or how hideous you would look because you've got that little jelly belly?? or your bum is not as hot as Beyonce's?? or you've got that wobbly arms?? Seeing pretty 'thinny-minny' pin-up girls makes you depressed?? Thinking twice to eat your favorite blueberry cheesecake?? How unsure are you about how you look?? everyday telling yourself  " I'm Fat" when your just "HEALTHY".
I'm not lying i tell myself that everyday and shush others when they tell me you are "not fat!". But Hey!!! Its High time you and i stop judging our looks!!! If we keep discouraging our-self then how do you expect people to judge you? You are your own "feel good " reason!!!
Change has even come to our own fashion world.....Designers are realizing too the worthy creation and existence of beautiful curvy girls and bringing them into the main streamline. Larger girls = normal girls!
Let the Tyranny of  size "ZERO" be BEGONE!!! 
Don't "Gross" out if your thighs touch at the top, if you upper arm slaps out when its down by your side or that extra layer pops out when you sit??? you know what "IT IS NORMAL"
So from tonight let's not think twice about anything when you shop or eat. WE are curvy girls so much prettier than those human skeletal models, we are PERFECT! and yes guys love us curvy too they wouldn't  want to hold a you guys??? haha
We are beautifully created by God's own hand by the perfect designer!

                                                          These pictures i used to hide!

im proud to be curvy!!! :p

i got a layer in my waist!!

i got a jelly belly too!!

Eat healthy, Think healthy and Stay blessed
toli x x x